AWS Backup – Automating application database and storage backups, using AWS CDK

Configure automated backups for all storage and database components of an AWS CDK app.

Cognito + Google federation – Improve the login experience for your users

Configuring Cognito User Pool with Google as a federated Identity Provider, using entirely AWS CDK constructs.

Shorter AWS CDK Logical IDs

Resources created by AWS CDK tend to have ugly names. This simple trick will help you make them more readable.

Upgrade all AWS CDK packages in your project

No more version disparity between AWS CDK packages. Upgrade everything to the latest version with a single command.

Create AWS access key and secret access key for an IAM user

Create long-term AWS IAM credentials for your CI/CD system or a legacy microservice, or anything that doesn’t support IAM Roles and STS credentials.

Deploying a static website using S3 and CloudFront

Static website deployment to AWS S3, served through CloudFront, using AWS CDK.

Run AWS Lambda on schedule

Run AWS Lambda in a Cron-like fashion.

Stream DynamoDB table to an ElasticSearch index

Scalability and rapid read/write speeds of DynamoDB, combined with full text search by AWS ElasticSearch.

Delete an S3 bucket when AWS CDK stack is destroyed

Throwing out the garbage is just as important.